The Story of Fashion & Beauty Deets.

In Canada it's hard to actually find all the fashion and beauty treasures that lay undiscovered...

Hello and welcome!

What’s our back story? It comes down to this …. initial frustration, unwavering vision, and insatiable organizing skills we find hard to contain.

We love our country and feel blessed daily to call this vast and beautiful land our home, but sometimes it’s hard to find the myriad of treasures that lay undiscovered in the folds of each province. There’s a country full of unknown talent and grit in the fashion and beauty worlds that needs to be brought to the forefront for everyone to enjoy.

A few scenarios we bet some of you have found yourselves in:

Goal – You want to find some ‘Made in Canada’ fashion or beauty brands.

Reality – Your search gives you a few made in Canada options, some American stores that ship to Canada, and some sponsored brands; it’s up to you to figure out which are which.


Goal – You’re going downtown or to a new city and want to find some hidden gem shops.

Reality – Your search gives you some stores, some restaurants, some miscellaneous, and misses a bunch of cool boutiques you’ll never find on your own.


Goal – You’re online shopping for a cocktail dress / hiking boots / beach wrap / face serum / etc, and you want the ‘perfect’ one so you need to see all the available options.

Reality – Your search results only give you a teeny fraction of the stores in Canada that sell these items and your quest is therefore limited by only the stores you’re already familiar with.


Goal – You want to find cool fashion or beauty indie brands in Canada.

Reality – Indie brands can rarely complete to get onto page one of search results so you won’t find them.


Goal – You want to find something in a particular niche – Black/Indigenous / Plus Size / Streetwear / Ungendered / Sustainable / etc.

Reality – You’ll get scattered results that lead to nothing helpful. Good luck.

You know what we’re talking about right!?

And that my friends, is exactly why we are here. We’re detail obsessed and love organizing info in ways that is precise and useful so you can make better use of your precious time.

We help Canadians discover fashion and beauty brands & stores easily.


We’d love to hear your thoughts! Please join the conversation below.

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